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Equity Allyship

Racism and discrimination is a social calamity constituted from social hierarchy based on one's status, race, and ethnic distinctions. An act of racism and discrimination rooted in prejudices, stereotypes, biases, privileges, hatred, etc.​BCS is dedicated to promoting equity through allyship in the fight against racism and discrimination. As a youth-led initiative, our goal is to enhance community awareness of various forms of racism and discrimination prevalent in Canada, while fostering an understanding of how to support marginalized communities as allies.​


This project will focus on education, action, and allyship through initiatives such as interactive workshops, a resource toolkit to combat racism and discrimination, and a guest speaker series.​


Resource toolkit and a blog are created based on the existing knowledge and learning from different workshops and be translated into different languages to make the topics more accessible and digestible for community members. This component will focus on providing community members with the tools required to feel empowered to take action against any incidents of discrimination they may face within their communities or in a professional setting.

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