Celebration of world 

Environmental Day

Art competition on Natural Beauty of Canada and Essay on Waste Management for Climate Change 

Winning Ceremony on July 18, 2020 at 11:30 via Zoom :

Awards 1st Prize    $100
 2nd & 3rd Prize    $50
Image by Sergey Pesterev
Participants must register in the link below 

Deadline to submit Art and Essay is June 24th, 2020: All submission must be sent to

This event is hosted by Bangla School Advisory Group funded by the City of Toronto Climate Action Grant and Supported by Bangla School and partners.

Peacemaker Initiative

Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services is launching a project named Peacemaker Initiative (PI).


The PI strives to combat islamophobia and xenophobia targeted towards women and girls in the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) - Crescent Town and Oakridge communities through knowledge gaining and awareness activities in a multicultural environment. This project is generously funded by the Government of Canada for 2 years till March 2021.

Crescent Town Intergenerational Drama & Tour Club

This new initiative focus on the reduction of social isolation, elder abuse, and intergenerational issues in the community though drama performances on selected issues and city tours to Canadian heritage sites.


The project priorities are to make social network to connect with community members and to prevent the seniors from any harm by elder abuse, and create opportunities to work seniors and youth together to address the seniors' social isolation and elder abuse, safety and wellbeing of seniors. This project is funded by the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, Government of Ontario.

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